Friday, 24 October 2014

Mr FF cleans balconies

Mr FF kindly took it upon himself at the weekend to doris our two balconies. Firstly the little Juliet balcony at the dining end of our kitchen that looks onto the atrium.  The glass panel behind the French doors was a bit grubby, he did suggest putting a cloth onto a long stick to clean the outside but I was worried he would drop it or water down three floors so instead he managed by carefully leaning over and reaching up.

Then he decided to clean the sit out balcony off our lounge.  He brushed all the moss off the old stones and treated them with some anti fungal solution.  He took down my little string of solar lights which he said were out of keeping and complained about the black railings that are not original and probably not in the right place, he's becoming so conservation since we moved into a listed building.

We agreed that the balcony deserved some better furniture than the two folding plastic chairs we have at present but that can wait until next year.  I'm thinking black rattan armchairs but I'm not sure whether the guardian of our heritage will approve.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

It is Ilkley

I had hoped to show you the delights of our little spa town but the weather has been a bit grey since the weekend and though I have been down to the centre several times, its just a 10 minute walk after all, I haven't taken any photographs yet.   So instead I'll show you some of our immediate environs. 
Across the road from our building we have a private gated garden for the residents complete with two little lakes, some might call then ponds but we are in Ilkley. 
Every apartment has a key and residents are free to stroll round or sit a while on the benches.  I'm hoping if I get gardening withdrawal I might do a bit of weeding in there and depending on what comes up in spring I could be tempted to plant a few interesting bulbs. We have a lovely collection of rather over fed ducks who I'm sure are very respectful of the plants.
Across the road from the garden is access to the moor with a small car park for walkers.  A good path leads up to White Wells, a pretty cottage that is an occasional cafe and houses the baths for taking the healing spa waters. 
Apparently it's a local custom to take a dip in the baths on New Years Day, I'm also told that the water temperature is usually about 4 degrees so I may give that a miss.
As I said the cafe doesn't have regular opening hours, the owners fly a flag that can be viewed from some distance to indicate they are serving which saves a wasted up hill walk, we were there on Sunday afternoon as they closed and the flag came down.
Its a lovely view from White Wells back down to our building, we really appreciated how grand it looks.  You can see the detail of the internal glazed atrium quite well. We had to resist the temptation to tell anyone who would listen that we live there and felt quite smug walking back home. 
So hopefully you will get to see the town soon and I also need to tell you about how we've adapted to apartment living over the past couple of weeks.  Its all very exciting and very different but so far its all very good.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A bit more information

I thought I'd show you a few photos of the interior of our apartment, its still a work in progress, we have far too much clutter despite the attempted downsize before we moved but the main rooms are acceptable for now.  The kitchen seems to work well but needs a good sort after my initial unpack.
Our bedroom is calm though with much less wardrobe space we need to par down in the clothing department.
The lounge is coming on, I do like the curved ceiling, the alcoves
and of course the doors onto the balcony.
The gas fire is fine but we have no idea how it works, the wires on the hearth will be concealed and I assume pretty flames will lick up between the pebbles - one day.

Of course there is still a lot to unpack and find homes for, the second bedroom is currently nothing more that a depository.
I'll keep you guessing a bit longer where we are, its a little spa town in the West Riding of Yorkshire that has a lovely moor where you should definitely not venture without a hat or you will catch your death of cold.
Our bedroom window has a lovely view of ..............?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Where we live now

This is our new home, not all of it of course, our apartment has the curved balcony and the double windows either side on the top floor.

The girl who loves glass and chrome houses has turned and so far is very happy living in a grade 2 listed building that was built around 1850 as a spa hotel, has been a college and is now a collection of apartments round a central atrium.  We are the windows at the top with the Juliet balcony in the middle.

We are on the edge of the town,  10 minutes walk to the shops and railway station, yet we step out of the front door and cross the road to the moors.  It couldn't be better, we have communal gardens with furniture and BBQ, underground parking behind electric gates and best of all our very own balcony off the lounge.  The views are stunning and we have taken our coffee outside most days.

Lots to do inside, which is why I'm not showing you yet but our bedroom is a haven of calm and many boxes have been unpacked.  Mr FF has set up my computer on a garden table for now, we are getting there, life seems to be returning to normal albeit in a very different way.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Sometimes I amaze myself

3.00 on moving out day and I find time for a quick post.   
The packers arrived before 10 and now every room is practically empty, just a few boxes and last minute panic items to go into the fortunately capacious van. 
However Mr FF is perhaps not so organised, here we see his office. 
He tells me he will finish this off tomorrow while I am cleaning the house and that everything will go in the back of the car.
So we are spending the weekend in Pam and Andrew's lovely self catering barn but being fed and cared for by them every evening, just what we need to recover from this ordeal.

And fingers crossed we might be moving somewhere new of our very own on Monday but we aren't quite there yet, that man of mine likes to taking everything to the wire.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Packing dot com

It has started, the packing boxes arrived yesterday and so far I have been surprised by how little goes in each box and how much we have.  I am trying to keep to a reasonable weight, the removers may be strong but if we have to shift boxes ourselves later we want to avoid another hernia.  Who would have thought paperbacks were so heavy or that I had so many, I have been parring down but still.  I've found that half a box of books topped up with yarn works quite well, as does simply labelling the box 'books'.

As usual the cartons have been used several times, arrived flat and have to be reassembled with brown tape, that bit at least feels productive against my constant dithering about what to tackle next. Having already been impressed by the number of boxes that had previously been used for cleaning materials I was very amused to read this contents description.  

Actually looking at my stash of lotions and potions I have an extensive collection of non urgent ones myself.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Not complaining .... but

Two weeks today we will be moving out of our lovely house.  We still have lots to dispose of but I am determined we won't take things with us to sort out later

We don't know where we will be moving to but the removal company have said that if we sign a contract, any contract, they will let us have some boxes next week so we can start the serious packing.  

We have made an offer on a property in Yorkshire but the survey wasn't good and we are currently in communication with the solicitors, it could go either way.  In fact when we contacted the sellers estate agents with the list of problems their only response was 'let us know if you have decided not to proceed' which I thought was rude and unhelpful, especially as we are chain free buyers.

I have a rotten cold that is not conducive to packing or sorting or generally dealing with this stressful time

On the upside, the weather is lovely and I'm enjoying the last days of my garden.   Also we have lots of social engagements as people want to see us before we move back to England and I am distributing pot plants with every visit.